Slate Green: ready to impress

15 April 2020

Mujjo’s latest addition to the line-up of acclaimed leather cases: a new offering, finished in a stunning Slate Green. Bringing the same form and functionality as its predecessors, our latest colorway is dynamic, versatile, and ready to impress.

Improved & brand new Touchscreen Gloves

29 October 2019

Last year, we released our very well-received Stretch Knit Touchscreen Gloves. This year, listening to our customer feedback, we’ve improved the touchscreen responsiveness on larger screens and lined the entire inside with an extra layer to improve insulation. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also expanding the line-up with a brand new, completely reengineered version able to withstand much colder temperatures.

Folio Sleeve for the all-new 13″ Macbook Air and Pro’s

12 December 2018

The first thing you notice is the quality. A large panel of full-grain leather on the front cuts a striking look and creates a deliberate contrast with a panel of our signature felt on the back, separated by U-shaped YKK zippers that extend through 3 sides to create a spacious opening. Quick access to your Macbook, notepad, earplugs and other accessories makes this an ideal travel partner.

Monaco Blue for the latest iPhones

29 November 2018

If you’re looking for that one case that continues to lead the way in its craftsmanship, design and ease of use, then look no further. We came up with the perfect shade of blue in our studio in the Netherlands, it’s sophisticated and underscores the craftsmanship that has been Mujjo’s hallmark since day one. Like our existing line-up, these cases for the new iPhones are fully wrapped with beautifully aging, full-grain leather and they're also available as a wallet.

All-new Touchscreen Gloves

15 November 2018

They say lightning can’t strike twice, but turns out that it can. We pioneered the world’s first 5-finger touchscreen-enabled glove years ago, and we’ve given it a complete upgrade, maintaining the gloves’ conductive properties while drastically refining the design.

A perfect match for Xr

31 October 2018

Here at Mujjo, we have made a name for ourselves building leather iPhone cases. Each one is precisely crafted from full-grain leather, for a perfect fit that’s soft to the touch, yet incredibly durable. We believe in simplifying life, and appreciating the little things. That’s why we put a lot of thought into our cases for the iPhone Xr.

A winning combination for iPhone Xs and Xs Max

11 October 2018

Mujjo’s Leather Wallet Case: a simple but brilliant idea that turns your iPhone into your wallet – so the only other thing you need to remember are your keys. Based on our hugely popular iPhone X case collection, Mujjo’s cases are known for complementing the iPhone’s iconic design without being distracting or ostentatious.

A Mujjo original coming to S9.

12 March 2018

The Wallet Cases we designed for iPhone X have been hugely popular. Our customers have loved them, the critics have loved them, the whole community has loved them. And with good reason - they’ve appeared in pretty much every iPhone case top 10 list out there.

A striking champagne

03 January 2017

Crafted from high quality full-grain leather in a new striking color: champagne – with neutral tones to perfectly match Gold and Rose iPhone finishes. The distinctive leather (wallet) cases are designed to protect your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as well as 7 and 7 Plus, and feature a luxe suede lining.

A bold Olive for iPhone X

18 October 2017

A warm welcome to a new color for our leather finishes - Olive. We came up with the perfect shade right here in our studio in the Netherlands. With a natural and serene color, our new cases for iPhone X add a dash of personality, without compromising iPhone’s immaculate appearance.

Our best cases yet, ready for iPhone X

18 September 2017

We’ve completely redesigned our Leather and Leather Wallet Cases from scratch using our brand new in-mould production process. By fully wrapping the case with our signature premium quality full-grain leather, we’ve made a super-slim profile that accentuates rather than conceals the iPhone X’s beautiful design.

Raising the bar for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

18 September 2017

Identical to the design approach for our new iPhone X cases, we have completely redesigned the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus cases from scratch, using our brand new in-mould production process. By fully wrapping the cases with our signature, premium quality full-grain leather, we’ve made a super-slim profile that accentuates rather than conceals the beautiful design of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Acclaimed design, coming to S8 and S8+.

08 May 2017

We feel the time has come to bring Mujjo’s acclaimed leather cases to Galaxy S. Building on the success of the highly acclaimed leather cases for iPhone. The super slim profile is fully wrapped with high quality full-grain leather that ages beautifully as it becomes part of your life.

Sleeves for the new 13″ and 15” Macbook Pros

28 December 2016

Crafted from a unique combination of full grain vegetable-tanned leather and felt, these sleeves have been designed to securely carry the all new 13” and 15” Macbook Pros, along with their 3rd generation predecessors.

Celebrating our 5th anniversary

01 November 2016

Celebrating our 5th anniversary, we’ve collaborated to create something truly special: a limited edition Wooden Case for Macbook. We’ve produced a limited run of 50 cases – with 10 representing each year of Mujjo.

Touchscreen Gloves Collection 2016/2017

12 October 2016

The highly-acclaimed design has won praise for its appearance, quality of materials and responsiveness. Back in its best shape ever, a leather strap with magnetic snap button provides a snap closure. Anti-slip dots provide maximized grip.

Meet your new iPhone 7 case.

22 September 2016

We’re adding ten (wallet) cases to the Mujjo line-up, specifically designed to snugly fit the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Featuring our premium quality signature leather in the brand's instantly recognisable colors: black, tan and gray. Designed to hold 2 to 3 of your essential cards – such as bank, ID and commuter cards – in one sleek package that feels barely larger than the iPhone 7.

Our signature design, shaped for the 12” Macbook

11 May 2016

One of our most popular designs, with a striking look that captures the attention and is custom-shaped for the 12” Macbook. We started with the core, the materials, and developed every component with the greatest possible attention to detail.

Carry-On folio sleeve for the 12” Macbook

12 May 2016

Introducing an intuitive and unique way to carry the 12” Macbook. Designed with easy travel and portability in mind, our new leather folio sleeve cuts a striking look that emphasizes the lightness of your 12” Macbook. The sleek lines, high quality full-grain leather and wool felt lining will complement your style – whether you're using it in your private or professional life.

Leather Case for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

25 February 2016

Designed in response to numerous requests, for those who want a case without the wallet, introducing the Leather Case for iPhone. This case is crafted out of high-quality full-grain leather and manufactured with care. Equipped with our Moulded Edge Technology that toughens the edges of the case and enables it to withstand the wear and tear caused by friction against jeans pockets. Compatible with iPhone 6s, 6s Plus as well as the older 6 and 6 Plus.