Celebrating our 5th anniversary

Celebrating our 5th anniversary
Celebrating our 5th anniversary, we’ve collaborated to create something truly special: a limited edition Wooden Case for Macbook. We’ve produced a limited run of 50 cases – with 10 representing each year of Mujjo. To mark this occasion, we’ve collaborated with celebrated industrial designer Athanassios Babalis (co-founder of Shibui.ch), who has – among other achievements – designed the highly impressive Votrys case, for which he won The Dieline Awards in 2010 and then the 2015 CWWWR Awards with the Trove case. After starting his professional career in London, and moving to New York to continue working for companies such as Dakota Jackson Inc, Athanassios now runs a design studio inThessaloniki, Greece.

Mujjo’s limited edition Wooden Case is made by hand in Greece. We used reclaimed American Walnut veneer, taken from the furniture industry. Through a careful hand selection process, layers are stacked and placed in a handmade mould. This goes into a press, where the case comes to life when the layers of veneer are pressed together to form its iconic silhouette.

The case is enclosed with a stainless steel door panel which is secured with a thumbscrew. A simple, yet effective design that is largely responsible for the signature look of the case. Inside, a luxury interior is revealed. Your Macbook touches nothing but the signature full grain vegetable tanned leather in black.

It all comes together in a simple shape, an iconic silhouette with an instantly recognizable look. A unique way to carry your Macbook. Perfect in formal and informal settings. The case is made to securely carry the all new 13” Macbook Pro, Along with its 3rd generation predecessor and the 12” Macbook.

Available for order and immediate dispatch (ships worldwide) on mujjo.com, limited to 50 cases only.

More details and hi-res images are available in the press room.