Touchscreen Gloves Collection 2016/2017

Touchscreen Gloves Collection 2016/2017
Stay warm, stylish and above all connected.
The highly-acclaimed design has won praise for its appearance, quality of materials and responsiveness. Back in its best shape ever, a leather strap with magnetic snap button provides a snap closure. Anti-slip dots provide maximized grip. Crafted with poise and quality The gloves feature a stunning design that takes touchscreen gloves to the next level. A leather strap crosses over a notch on the wrist where a carefully placed magnetic snap button provides a snap closure. The cuff boards are constructed of matching black leather and the palms feature grip dots to aid in anti-slip capability. A soft layer of integrated fleece lining provides a soft touch and feel to the sturdy and durable gloves. Silicon grip dot patterns are added to the palms of these gloves to aid in gripping and provide anti-slip capabilities that will come in handy on a moist or snowy winter day. The gloves take the shape of your hand and offer a sleek fit, which guarantees an optimized typing experience. Double Layered from those in colder climates The Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves, developed in response to requests from those in colder climates looking for touchscreen gloves with extra insulation, the extra layer, made out of wool, acts as an insulator and doubles as lining, providing enhanced insulation. The Story Mujjo pioneered unrestricted touchscreen gloves, loved by tens of thousands of fans worldwide who have grown to depend on them. Mujjo has continued to improve and evolve all aspects of the gloves ever since. Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves offer an unrestricted touchscreen experience and enable you to use all your fingertips, your knuckles and even the heel or palm of your hand. The gloves are available for order and immediate dispatch on (ships worldwide).
“Our touchscreen gloves are loved by thousands worldwide. That didn’t stop us from obsessively evaluating every single detail.”
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