Next gen touchscreen gloves developed by start-up Mujjo!

Next gen touchscreen gloves developed by start-up Mujjo!
Dutch-based Mujjo, an online start-up with a spin on high-tech conductive gloves, allows the wearer to “use all fingertips, knuckles and even the heel or the palm of the hand” even while wearing the gloves to operate a touchscreen device. Touchscreen winter gloves in previous seasons have only allowed the wearer to operate screens with one or two fingers from each hand. The new touchscreen gloves by Mujjo provide the wearer with more options for use since all areas of the glove are usable.

Do you recognize this problem?

Imagine this: You’re outside, it’s freezing cold and you’re wearing regular gloves. You pull out your iPhone to answer a call, but even after multiple tries, your touch screen won’t respond. In an attempt to answer the call in time you decide to bite off your glove and your hand immediately starts getting cold. Let’s just hope the conversation won’t take too long!

The Solution

You’re outside again on another freezing winter day, but this time you’re wearing Mujjo ( Touchscreen Gloves. You get a call, pull out your iPhone and instantly answer it on the first try. This time, you don’t even notice the cold. These days almost all of us are using touchscreen devices like iPhones, HTCs, and Samsungs. However, during the wintertime we do have to experience that infamous problem of capacitive touchscreens not working with our winter gloves. That’s why Mujjo came up with the Mujjo touch screen winter glove. Starting this winter, you’ll be able to use any touchscreen device while keeping on your (Mujjo) winter gloves! Mujjo’s touchscreen compatible winter gloves work with all capacitive touchscreen devices including – but not limited to – your iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, LG or whatever touch screen phone you’re using, they even work on your iPad. Capacitive touchscreens work by sensing the conductive properties of your skin. Mujjo gloves are made of high-quality silver-coated nylon fibers knitted into the fabric of the glove. This silver-coated nylon fibers make the gloves conductive and therefore touchscreen compatible! Regular touchscreen gloves functionality is restricted to one or two fingertips. Mujjo touchscreen gloves enable you to use all your fingertips, your knuckles and even the heel or the palm of your hand. The Mujjo Touchscreen gloves are available at the Mujjo online store ( for € 24,95. They come in two unisex sizes: Small / Medium and Medium / Large, made of stretchable fibre.