Wired writes about our Leather Touchscreen Gloves

Wired writes about our Leather Touchscreen Gloves
Nicole Wakelin from Geekmon (part of Wired magazine) tested and wrote about our Leather Touchscreen Gloves. Her feedback couldn’t be any better! See for yourself:

Once I had the gloves, I found that they not only looked beautiful, but felt amazing. The leather is incredibly soft with no stiffness that requires breaking in until they’re comfortable.

The insides of the gloves have an incredibly soft 100% wool lining from wrist to fingers. They’re so warm and comfortable you’re not going to want to take them off!

I texted. I dialed. I wrote emails. I did everything I’d normally do and it was easy.

They come in a range of sizes, and mine were too small for my husband to try so he grabbed one and started using it like a stylus to work his own phone and within minutes wanted to get a pair for himself. Yeah, using them just wadded up into the shape of a pencil was enough to make him want a pair. They are that good.