Slate Green, ready to impress

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We’ve named this colorway Slate Green because the desaturated green blends the graphite-like appearance with both cooler forest greens and warmer khaki tones arriving at a subtle and complex color finish. It’s a mature, sophisticated tone that will hold its own among our contemporary designs.

Holding true to our design ethos of creating beautifully simple and slender designs, elevated by premium materials, these cases are perfect for decluttering your pockets and making an on-the-go life that little bit simpler.

Available with, or without, a convenient wallet sewn to the back, these cases follow the graceful curvature of the iPhone and add minimal thickness. You can carry up to 4 cards in the leather wallet version or, if you prefer, keep it even more minimal with the non-wallet version.

Life’s never been easier than always knowing you’ve got everything you need in one pocket.

Less to carry, less to worry about.

Slate Green, available now on the collection