Ready, Set …

In today’s fast-paced, cosmopolitan world, most women barely have time to catch their breath. So when you’re running between meetings, grabbing lunch with friends, and doing everything in between, make your day a little less hectic with one of our Macbook Sleeves.

You can be fierce and strong but also very wise and sensitive, and these are qualities that are truly inspiring to all of us. Our collections have often been qualified as quite masculine, but we’re proud that many inspiring women have taken a liking to Mujjo’s designs and added them to their every day carry. We pursue a design language that is clean, beautiful and universal, and it is meant to reflect the cool, daring personalities of the women that use our products.

Sophisticated and a little playful

The MacBook Sleeve is a good example of a Mujjo design that’s sophisticated and a little playful, and we think this aesthetic blends in seamlessly with most women’s everyday carry.

Designed to safely carry your Mac and a few extra bits (like a notepad and an iPhone charger), our beautifully simple Macbook Covers have become the trusted ally of many a working woman.

You can browse our collection here.