Our renowned craftsmanship continues

Quality Crafted for iPhone 12
Our renowned craftsmanship continues
Our cases have always reflected our passion for high-quality craftsmanship and they’ve been consistently ranked as the best out there. We’ve been doing this for years and to get here, we’ve been working hard without compromise – year after year – to live up to the highest standards. The recognition seems to be growing and it makes all the hard work pay off.
Way back when we started this journey, with a mission to design and create luxury travel accessories that make life on the go that little bit easier, we knew we were on to something special. Who doesn’t want to wrap their beloved phone in a carefully, and beautifully, designed slim-line case that doubles up as a functional wallet? Well, whoever they are, send them our way and we’ll soon change their mind ;).
“For years we’ve been lovingly creating leather cases that are as beautiful as they are functional.”
Our journey now continues with the latest line-up for the iPhone 12. These cases have been expertly designed to follow those flatter and more angular corners of the new devices with the curves still asserting themselves, although less subtle. Plus, the new contours complement our well-known clean designs and work particularly well with the sharp stitching lines found on our wallet cases.
Some of our proudest features include: Premium finishes that improve with use
Made from high-quality, full grain, vegetable tanned leather, our cases age beautifully – and with a patina unique to each user!

Considering the little things
A super-slim profile, chamfered camera and mute button openings, leather covered power/volume buttons, and a luxurious Japanese microfiber lining the inside – these cases have been designed with meticulous attention and care.

Screen protection
A raised leather bezel around the screen keeps abrasive surfaces at a distance.

Convenience at your fingertips
A full leather wallet stores 2 to 3 bank cards, allowing ease of access and minimal clutter in your life.

Our mission since day one to make sure our cases live up to the highest quality standards hasn’t always been an easy one, but feedback like this makes it all the more worthwhile:Mujjo makes some of the finest cases money can buy for iPhone.Nothing beats the slim design and understated looks.Instead of distracting from the look, I think it actually makes an iPhone look even better.I tried a few options, but my firm favorite remains the Mujjo wallet case.A genuine thank you is in order to all those that have brought a Mujjo case into their lives, and for all the comments of “hey, check out my wallet case, isn’t it great?” to all your friends and family… maybe it’s just us saying that – we’ve really got to stop doing it on first dates!

Find out what all the fuss has been about over the years, and why Mujjo has been dubbed the meaning of quality. Browse the collection now and get a perfect case for your iPhone 12.Browse our Collection