Go on, get exploring.

Go on, get exploring.
The cold winter mornings, the 4 hours of sunlight a day, the brisk winds that assault your face as soon as you walk out the door…it all gets a bit knackering after a while. When we feel a bit slumped by the winter blues, we like to start thinking about where we’ll spend our summer break.The mind is very inspired at this point: it is much easier to think of good places to go when all you want to do is get away from the cold.

Need a remedy? Get yourself some coffee and plan your next escape, and be sure to take one of our wallet cases with you when the time comes. Bank cards, hotel cards, ID…our cases make for a dependable travel companion, keeping all your essentials safe in a sleek, stylish package.

You see at Mujjo, we do love a good holiday, and for this reason we’re quite proud of what we do. Our Full Leather Wallet Cases really come in handy when we go on holiday: they can hold our boarding passes, our credit cards, ID, the hotel card…It’s very liberating to go to the beach and know your phone stores all your important bits, and you don’t have to risk losing it all in a big duffle bag.

Our MacBook Sleeves are also a hit with travellers: you can safely carry your Mac, your hard disk with some movies and a notepad in one sleek package.

Go on, get exploring. We’re ready when you are 🌴.

Picture by @wimboprakoso.