Full Leather Wallet Case for Galaxy S9 is finally here

Full Leather Wallet Case for Galaxy S9 is finally here
Our loyal fans relish our Full Leather Wallet Cases. They’re sleek, practical and they age beautifully. Everyone who starts using them to carry their essential cards simply can’t go back to other, less convenient cases. This luxury, though, has only been available for iPhone users.

Until now, of course.

After vast amounts of questions and demands from Samsung users, months of meticulous designing and many prototypes, we’re proud to finally unveil our long-awaited Full Leather Wallet Case collection for Galaxy S9. And the best part? They come in our latest and greatest leather finish: Olive, beloved by many Mujjo fans across the globe.

You asked, we delivered.

Crafted from the same full-grain veg-tan leather we use on the rest of our phone cases, this new collection showcases our classic design ethos: beautifully simple and slender designs, elevated by premium materials.

You can check out our Full Leather Wallet Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 here.

And if you’re an iPhone user? You’ve come to the right place. Our cases for iPhone are what we’re famed for, and have gained worldwide acclaim. Check them out here.