"Transform tech gadgets into Louis Vuitton"

”Transform tech gadgets into Louis Vuitton”
Just in time for the Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) we managed to launch in Taiwan. We partnered-up with PQI, a subsidiary of the multi billion dollar company Foxlink, led by Gou Tai-chang, little brother of the man behind world’s biggest factory and most important assembly partner of Apple, Foxconn. The cooperation with PQI, owner of Studio A Inc., Taiwan’s largest Apple Premium Reseller, gives Mujjo access to over 100 outlets across Taiwan as well as an rapidly increasing number of outlets outside Taiwan, including Hong Kong, mainland China and South Korea.

Studio A is the fastest growing Apple Premium Reseller in Asia with a strong focus for prime store locations across Asia including at Hong Kong’s shopping hotspots Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui.

Interesting quote from Micgadet.com:

Foxconn CEO’s little brother is planning to open 100 Apple retail outlets in China, within three years time. The two brothers, may join forces together to build the best Apple Premium Reseller store and transform tech gadgets into Louis Vuitton.

Credits are due for the breathtaking photo of the Taipei 101 by Jackchi01.