A striking

Designed to carry a few essential cards in a sleek package, our Leather Case for iPhone now comes in a beautiful champagne color. Luxurious materials and graceful design go hand in hand with this stunning new leather finish.

Dressed in elegant new finish

This simple, gracefully curved silhouette is dressed in elegant new finish of our signature full-grain leather. The neutral champagne tones perfectly pair with the iPhone 8 (and 7) in Gold finishes, and is all the more striking when it contrasts with a Space Gray finish. The leather will mellow with use, and acquire a rich patina over time as it becomes part of your daily life.

Suede-lined interior

Our cases are lined with a rich, velvety suede. The smooth, satin-like surface ensures your iPhone will be safe from scratches within the case.

Every detail considered

We’ve designed our champagne-colored leather covers for iPhone to be as simple as possible, emphasizing grace and character.

The soft champagne hue, combined with the distinctively minimal design of the case, makes for an understated look that is bold, beautiful and distinctive.

Precisely engineered openings ensure you can easily use the iPhone’s buttons and access the headphone and lightning ports, while ensuring the device remains protected.

“The neutral tones of the Champagne leather perfectly pair with the iPhone 8 (and Plus) in Gold finishes.”

Remy Nagelmaeker, Co-Founder/Designer

Full-grain leather with character

Crafted from high quality full-grain leather in a new striking color: Champagne. Full-grain leather is a natural product and, as such, proudly bears the hallmark of its origin, such as natural variations in the grain texture or slight growth lines.

These set Mujjo’s products apart from synthetic imitations, making each and every case one of a kind. They become even more unique as you use them: the leather wears in with use and acquires a beautiful polish over time, bespoke to you and the way you use your case. The more live with this product, the more soul it will gain.


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