Mujjo's Collection hits Beijing

Mujjo’s Collection hits Beijing
Mujjo signed a distribution deal with iSpace, a Beijing based Apple Premium Reseller. iSpace is the first company to receive and sell Apple licensed products in Mainland China. Having 15 outlets by the end of this year, iSpace belongs to one of the fastest growing retail chains in China. Today, the Beijing based start-up opened its 12th store in China. There is no lack on ambition within the iSpace team; having another 3 store-openings on this year’s roadmap. iSpace is currently the only American distribution partner with Apple, Inc. in China and delivers the highest level of non-direct distribution. iSpace provides a full inventory of products, 3rd party accessories, warranty and repair support, and training in their specialized lifestyle mall locations. With their focus on key trade demographics and highly-personalized customer service, Mujjo is confident that iSpace will grow Mujjo’s share in the Chinese consumer market.

Mujjo is delighted about the partnership with iSpace, which guarantees presence for Mujjo merchandise at prime locations across China, served with highly personalized customer service.


iSpace的目标是在今年年底另开设3家零售店,他们也是目前唯一家美国公司与苹果公司在中国方面提供了最高级别的非直接配送。iSpace提供了完整的预库存产品,第三方配件以及保修和维修服务,并且以”以用户体验至上” 的精神培训员工。iSpace根据中国消费者的使用习惯,会提供更多Apple全线产品的优质服务。我们有信心iSpace将会增加Mujjo在中国消费市场的份额。