'Mujjo gloves as good as skin on iOS devices, but better insulated''

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Again a new milestone. We reached CNN and we are damn proud of it!

A big problem I’ve had with previous versions of touchscreen gloves has been that other manufacturers seem to think a couple conductive pads on the index and middle finger will make sure you’re covered. But sometimes that approach means using them will result in missed touches, and make using devices fiddly and generally inconvenient.
The Mujjo gloves get around that limitation by featuring conductive thread throughout the entire weave of the glove’s body; literally any part of it, including the cuff, can activate your device’s touchscreen.

I’ve tried a few touchscreen-compatible gloves, but the Mujjos are already my favorite.

They look good, they feel good on the hand and provide adequate warmth, and they work as well as bare skin on every capacitive touchscreen I could find to test them with

If touchscreen compatibility is what you’re after, these gloves are a bargain.