Apple unveils a new iMac, improved aesthetics and.... mobility

Apple unveils a new iMac, improved aesthetics and…. mobility
After the 4th generation iPad, Apple went on tot unveil the new iMac (another welcome surprise). It’s a lot thinner, reflection has been reduced with 75% and it features a fushion drive, which is essentially a combination of a 1 or 3 TB harddrive and a 128GB SDD. The fused drives collaborate in such an effective way that transfer speeds close to those of SSD reached. I’m seriously impressed by the new Imac that comes in 21.5 and 27 inch . I personally carry the iMac around the office a lot, I like to change workspace from time to time. I’m sure Apple didn’t make it thinner for reasons other that aesthetics, I’m also sure that it’s not intended to be used as a laptop, but the new design is still a welcome improvement in terms of mobility.

We would love to design for this wonderful machine but unfortunately, this time, it wouldn’t make sense to you use our signature phrase: ‘A new iMac, a new Sleeve’