A luscious Tan

There’s a few reasons why our original color collection featured tan, and why it’s become a bit of a Mujjo trademark.

It’s a nice balance between sophistication and playfulness. It’s not as sober as black, but it’s not otherworldly either. It’s also just a mesmerising color to admire, and its rustic, artisanal aspect matches the iPhone’s clinical, industrial design perfectly. This is such a beautiful pair that seems to fascinate not just us, but almost half of all of our customers.

But surely the part we like the most about our tan products is that they’re the ones that experience the most change over time. They go from a slick, vivid caramel color to a deep, rich, dark amber, as a result of manipulating the leather with your hands and scuffing it up a bit. Tan is the finish that best reflects your time with the product, and it gains a lot of character as a result, like your favorite pair of jeans or a trusty leather jacket.

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Picture by @denniemaxpfau