For iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro case

The iPhone 12 Pro. 5G capable. Super fast processing capabilities. Life on the go has never been so simple and easy. Well, it’s about to get simpler…and easier… 
Our acclaimed Leather Wallet Cases allow you to protect your phone and carry 2-3 essential cards in one sleek package. Gone is the classic “phone, wallet, keys” check on the way out the door; now it’s simply “phone, keys”. Think how much time you’ll save over the course of a year! We figured that if you leave the house just once a day with this new check, over the course of a year you’ll save roughly 10 minutes – pretty groundbreaking science right? Don’t ask to see our workings, they’re probably all wrong. But you get the point…

Mujjo’s iPhone 12 Pro leather cases
For an even sleeker design, our cases are available without the wallet compartment on the back. The leather seamlessly curves round the edges of your phone, accentuating the curvature of the device and adds a 1mm raised edge to protect your screen when placed on abrasive surfaces. Plus, the case fits so well that it barely adds any thickness to your device, making it super slim and easy to carry. 
Available in four of our beloved colorways: Low-key Black, Signature Tan, Monaco Blue, and Slate Green.

Iphone 12 Pro wallet case
It’s time to declutter and destress. Combining your wallet and phone into one sleek package, our wallet cases are perfect for minimal living. Expertly sewn to the back of the case, our wallet pouches are made from the same leather hide as the rest of the case – so that the entire case’s colour is uniform. The smart, sharp stitching lines and slanted opening complement the more angular edges of the iPhone 12 range. 

Premium quality case / luxurious design
Beautiful designs elevated by premium materials. We make it our mission to ensure that not only are our designs reflective of our brand, but that the materials both complement and enhance these designs. 
Take our Japanese microfiber lining found inside the cases, for example. The soft satin-like material perfectly complements the vegetable-tanned leather by maintaining the smoothness of the case to the interior. Whereas the durable and tough leather protects your case from abrasive surfaces, the soft Japanese microfibre provides a padded lining to absorb shock and elegantly cushions your device.

Protective case for the iPhone 12 Pro

Co-developed to create durable finishes that become more beautiful with wear, the iPhone 12 Pro covers offer your device protection from everyday knocks and bumps. The full-grain leather also adds a warmer and ‘grippier’ feel to the device – making it more secure in your hand as you go about your day. 
We’ve also ensured peace of mind by creating a raised edge around the screen so it doesn’t touch abrasive surfaces.

Why choose a Mujjo iPhone 12 Pro smartphone case?

We’re no strangers to knowing how important the details are, no matter how big or small – we triple check everything to make sure the grand total is nothing short of perfection. We’ve worked hard to not only make our cases look great, not only protect your Apple device from knocks and abrasive surfaces, but to also increase the functionality it brings to your life. 
Your iPhone 12 Pro deserves the best cover, so give it gorgeous form and irresistible functionality today with a Mujjo case. 
World renowned Dutch design, at your service.