An ode to black ♠♠♠

An ode to black ♠♠♠
People think Henry Ford only allowed his customers to buy a Model T in black because making all the cars in black was the cheapest. People are wrong.

Henry Ford painted all his cars black because it is the single most fascinating tone there is…Or not.. Anyways, it’s associated with rebellion (the world’s most famous rockers debuted black denim), class (smoking jackets, tuxedos…) and a bit of mystery (space).

It’s bold in its depth and richness, but paradoxically it’s inherently subtle and stealthy as well (you brain interprets black as missing colors – it cannot “see” it). That’s quite a cocktail.

You can probably tell we like black quite a bit. That’s why it was important for us to get the shade of black for our travel accessories just right. If you like black just as much as we do, check out our collections here.

Image by @kohlmurdock