Celebrating our 5th

Over the last 5 years, we have been designing and crafting luxury leather goods from premium quality materials. Celebrating our 5th anniversary, we’ve collaborated to create something truly special: a limited edition Wooden Case for Macbook. We’ve produced a limited run of 50 cases – with 10 representing each year of Mujjo.

Made with American Walnut veneer

The case is made by hand in Greece. We used leftover American Walnut veneer, taken from the furniture industry. After careful hand selection process, the layers of American Walnut veneer are stacked and placed in a handmade mould. The mould goes into a press, where the case comes to life when the layers of veneer are pressed together into the iconic silhouette.

Subsequently, the case goes on to CNC, a computerized mill which cuts each case to precise measurements to reveal its simple and instantly recognisable final shape.

Mujjo x Babalis

For the occasion, we’ve collaborated with Industrial Designer Athanassios Babalis – co-founder of Shibui.ch – who amongst other things, designed the highly impressive Votrys. Athanassios runs a design studio in Thessaloniki, Greece. Having started his professional career in London, moving to New York to continue work for companies such as Dakota Jackson Inc.

Signature Look

The case goes through several stages of sanding -all performed by hand – to ensure a smooth finish. We apply a small amount of gunstock (tung) oil to the veneer for a final coating which gives its final satin-gloss like finish.

The case is enclosed with a stainless steel door panel which is operated with a thumbscrew. A simple, yet effective design that is predominantly responsible for the signature look of the case. Hand-crafted by an experienced metal worker – the door panel goes through several stages to go from raw metal to a highly polished glossy finish.

Made to fit the new Macbook

The case is made to securely carry the all new 13” Macbook Pro, Along with its 3th gen predecessor and the 12” Macbook.

“It all comes together in a simple shape, an iconic silhouette with an instantly recognizable look.”

Remy Nagelmaeker, Founder

Luxury Leather Interior

Inside, a luxury interior reveals itself, your macbook will touch nothing but the signature full grain vegetable tanned leather in black. A Macbook slides into the innovative leather lined slot padded with … foam – used to restore vintage Vitra furniture – to keep the device securely in place.

“Our cases have always reflected our love for high-quality craftsmanship and they’ve been consistently ranked as the best out there. These are no exception.”

Remy Nagelmaeker, Founder

A Simple and Iconic Shape

It all comes together in a simple shape, something different, an iconic silhouette with an instantly recognizable signature look. A unique way to carry your Macbook. Perfect in formal and informal settings.

“Our guiding principle is that we design to our own taste – if we don’t love it and feel proud to use it, it doesn’t get made. It’s that simple.”

Remy Nagelmaeker, Founder


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