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Folio Sleeve for 13" Macbook Pro and Air - Tan
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Folio Sleeve for 13" Macbook Pro and Air - Tan

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A Powerful Design
Seductively Understated

Crafted out of a unique combination of felt and vegetable-tanned leather, this sleeve has been designed to fit all 13” Macbooks.

Understated Design

The 13” Macbook folio has a powerful and seductively understated presence. This is due in considerable part to the noticeably large surface of tan-colored high quality vegetable-tanned leather on the front of the sleeve. This creates a deliberate and powerful contrast with the large surface of light grey felt on the back, separated by a high quality custom-built gunmetal alloy zipper alongside the sleeves edge, following a subtle curve – a calm hint of craftsmanship.

Next Level Materials

We started with the core, the materials, and developed every component with the highest possible attention to detail. When you take the sleeve in hand, you’ll instantly notice the quality of the materials. This sleeve has been crafted out of a unique combination of felt and full-grain vegetable-tanned leather.

Remarkably Functional

The high quality gunmetal YKK zipper creates an l-shaped opening along the horizontal and vertical side of the sleeve. This enables you to conveniently take your Macbook out and put it back in with ease. The sophistically integrated double storage compartments allow you to store documents, earplugs, pencils, and other essentials. We’ve integrated a leather brand label with slots inside the sleeve, made from the underside of the vegetable-tanned leather, to store bank and ID cards as well as a SD card, as an additional feature. By design, the zipper closure enabled us to make a sleeve that fits and protects the 13” Macbook Air, the 13” Macbook Pro, and the 13” Macbook Pro Retina.

Custom-built Zipper

A custom-built zipper by YKK provides a secure closure. Made out of high quality gunmetal alloy for durability and strength. Equipped with two gunmetal alloy sliders, custom D-rings, and elegant leather pullers.

Signature Leather

The full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather used is manufactured with care, waxed to extend durability, and carefully treated with aniline oil to enrich 'color tones'. Vegetable-tanned leather wears in with use and acquires beautiful patina and polish over time, as it becomes part of your daily life.

Due to the nature of full vegetable tanned leathers, it features a very dense and compact structure. The quality of the leather enables us to leave it cosmetically untouched while emphasizing the character of the material and staying true to the concept of the collection; nude leather and raw edges emphasize the understated and sleek appearance.

Felt Lining

The leather is lined with our signature felt to offer padding comfort for your Macbook. Felt is a sustainable and renewable material, offering durability while remaining soft to the touch. Felt can be easily cleaned, and a special treatment gives it excellent anti-peeling properties and makes the sleeve water repellent.

Understated Collection

True to our intentions, these sleeves are contemporary and remarkably simple. The products don’t shout, ‘look at me,’ but rather calmly hint craftsmanship through their sleek lines, seductively understated appearance, and noticeable quality of the materials. We started with the core, the materials, and obsessively tried to develop those to the next level. We managed to improve the signature materials; vegetable-tanned leather, felt, and gunmetal alloy hardware.

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