Shout Out to Koi 🌘🌑🌒 Check out this Custom piece

April 19, 2018

We came across this on Insta and thought you guys had to see it; Koi used our classic Black Leather Case as a canvas for her stunning work.

This is the sort of customer our products are aimed at. Courageous creatives and go-getters, people who are unafraid of hard work to make something meaningful. People that experiment, discover and share the fruit of their work with others. At Mujjo, we like to think we have a similar mindset: we spend months designing and creating simple products, with an aim to make them as beautiful and useful as possible, so that you guys can easily and gracefully carry whatever you might need during the day. It’s no easy task, but we love it all the same.

Shout out to Koi and to all of you who keep pushing forward and creating. We hope you embrace our products like Koi has, and that they become your trusted companions for your everyday life, so that you can keep inspiring the rest of us.

Picture by: @urbanxkoi