Dads are pretty cool

The dad is a mysterious creature. They can, and will, drive you completely insane, this is scientific fact. However, their skill to rebrand this as affection for you is unmatched.

“It’s for your own good”; “you’ll know what it’s like when you’re older”.

The thing is, when you do get older, you realise the bugger was right all along. The good, the bad, the downright weird, you start to realise that dad did all those things for one reason: to do the best he could for you.

So yes, we think it’s more than fair for dads to have their special day marked in the calendar. If you want to show him your gratitude towards him, may we recommend our range of travel accessories? If your dad uses an Apple device, we just might have the perfect gift to say thank you to him.

Something classy, something well-made, something he’ll cherish every time he uses it. Browse our collection of leather accessories.

Either way, cheers to all the dad and happy father’s day everyone.

Picture by @mrgumbatron