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iPhone 5(s) Wallet Brown
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iPhone 5(s) Wallet Brown iPhone 5(s) Wallet Brown iPhone 5(s) Wallet Brown

iPhone 5(s) Wallet Brown

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A new iPhone, a new Wallet.

This snug tailored iPhone 5(s) wallet combines minimalism with long lasting elegant accents. Separate yourself from the masses by showing you know exactly what you're talking about when it comes to style and the appreciation of high quality materials. Crafted by hand, this sleeve is made specially to fit the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C!

Smart Couture

An outstanding blend of fashion and high functionality. The leather strap provides a simple closure and keeps your device secure. The smart storage compartment allows you to store your business cards, credit cards and more! This wallet features a color combination of light- and darkgrey wool felt that creates an excellent contrast in combination with the leather

High Quality, Sustainable Materials

A unique combination of 100% wool felt and high quality leather. Wool felt is a sustainable and renewable material, offering strength while remaining a soft touch. The strap is made out of high quality top-grain 100% vegetable-tanned leather and is hand-dyed using environmentally friendly dyes. The felt can easily be cleaned; a special treatment provides excellent anti-peeling properties and makes the sleeve water repellent.

Attention to detail

Not only do we pay attention to high quality materials and outstanding design; but functionality is also an important feature! That's why we came up with a multi-functional leather strap, which allows you to easily pull the new iPhone 5(s) out of the wallet.

From Holland With Love

The Originals collection is our core. As the heart of our brand, it is made for all lovers of Mujjo--those impassioned fans of Dutch Craftsmanship that understand and embrace the value of hand stitched couture for their beloved gadgets.

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About Mujjo

Emerging Dutch designer label

We believe to create great products; we have to start with a simple idea and then craft around that intention. We obsessively try to keep it as simple as possible, while trying to make each part as good as possible, every stitch, every button, they have all been intensively thought out. While it’s not easy to keep things simple, it does pay off to create a product that is perfect in a sense of simplicity to that extent that you cannot leave anything away without compromising it’s intention.

It’s part of our personalities to keep challenging ourselves, raising the bar on a daily bases. This certainly doesn’t make things easy for ourselves, but we simply don’t know how to do it any other way. We get satisfaction out of trying to create an even better product or experience, it makes us feel good to try to improve it over and over again, it’s in our DNA.