For iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12 mini case
The iPhone 12 mini was the perfect deliverance from Apple this year. A smaller, sleeker, and cheaper version of their flagship devices. We’ve always loved simplifying life – it’s what we do. So pairing such a simple and beautiful device with our world renowned cases – specially designed for minimalist, easy living – is the perfect match we all needed.  Our iPhone 12 mini cases are just as beautiful, just as functional, and just as high-quality as our larger cases. Their size may be smaller, but the high attention to detail remains the same.

Mujjo’s leather iPhone 12 mini cases
The little things that sometimes go unnoticed make all the difference to the big picture. Take, for example, the neatly chamfered openings that make accessing and using your device’s buttons easy and comfortable, or the perfect snugness that the case has against your device, keeping it securely attached and gorgeously wrapped. We’ve made sure these are just right, and that nothing is compromised.
Made from luxurious materials such as vegetable tanned premium leather and Japanese satin-like microfiber, our cases perfectly protect your device in a lightweight and shockproof cover.

iPhone 12 mini wallet case
Life on the go has never been so easy with our leather wallet cases. Storing up to 3 essential cards, they allow you to carry less and live simpler. Carefully and expertly sewn to the rear of the cases, the card pocket adds minimal thickness to your device and keeps it easy to handle. Plus, the card pockets are made from the same leather as the rest of the case, keeping the material and color of your cover uniform and smart. We also offer non-wallet versions if you want to keep things even simpler.

Premium quality case and luxurious design
Our iPhone 12 mini cases reflect the careful and considered craftsmanship that goes on behind the scenes. We selected the very highest quality full-grain, vegetable tanned, leather that is built to last. The leather looks, and smells, terrific fresh out the box and once you have worn it in, and the color richens, a patina develops completely unique to your use. Inside, the case is lined with elegantly soft satin-like Japanese microfibre, keeping your iPhone protected and cushioned against bumps. Plus, our stitching lines sewing the leather wallet to the rear side of the case are secure and durable, keeping your cards safe and sound.

Magsafe compatible case and wireless charging
The era of wireless charging is upon us, making life even simpler – you can probably guess our views on that. And fear not, our cases do not hinder magnetic capabilities, ensuring your Apple device is compatible with wireless charging and Magsafe usage.

Protective cover for the iPhone 12 mini
Co-developed to create durable finishes that become more beautiful with wear, the iPhone 12 mini cover offers your device protection from everyday knocks and bumps. The full-grain leather also adds a warmer and ‘grippier’ feel to the device – making it more secure in your hand as you go about your day. 
We’ve also ensured peace of mind by creating a raised edge around the screen so it doesn’t touch abrasive surfaces.

Why choose a Mujjo iPhone 12 mini phone case?
We’re no strangers to knowing how important the details are, no matter how big or small – we triple check everything to make sure the grand total is nothing short of perfection. We’ve worked hard to not only make our cases look great, not only protect your Apple device from knocks and abrasive surfaces, but to also increase the functionality it brings to your life. 
Your iPhone 12 deserves the best cover, so give it gorgeous form and irresistible functionality today with a Mujjo case. 
World renowned Dutch design, at your service.