The Originals Collection

Product Design

Initially made to bridge the gap between winters, the season for touchscreen gloves, our first sleeves collection is at the core of our brand. Praised worldwide in major publications, this collection managed to find its place and distinguish itself in a over-saturated market.


The sleeves are crafted by hand. We’ve teamed up with fashion designers for their expertise. We’re always trying to create products for our own use, our personal demands are pretty high to say the least. We’re not chasing trends, but instead, every Mujjo design is a reflection of our personal taste. Our designs may not be for everyone, but that is just the way we want it to be.


A unique combination of wool felt and high quality vegetable-tanned leather. Combining two or more different materials with different textures creates a certain contrast or tension that makes a product more interesting to look at. All components and raw materials used are developed by Mujjo.

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