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    TheNextWeb.com ''As much of a case fanatic as I am, it takes a lot to catch my eye these days. That wasn’t a problem for Mujjo’s new lineup of ‘Originals’ ..''
  • New York Design Agenda ''Some people say that God made the world and the Dutch made Holland. Probably they done more then that ..''
  • iMore.com ''Mujjo gloves are amust-have for any serious iPhone or iPad user caught in a cold, wintery climate.''
  • Promise Tangeman ''I was really impressed by the look of the quality of THIS ONE! This would be a good choice because my husband uses the iPad as well.''
  • TechCrunch.com ''These new gloves by Mujjo provide the wearer with more options for use, since all areas of the glove are usable.''
  • IntoMobile.com ''Dutch maker of super-fancy sleeves Mujjo for Apple products like the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air is going for the Samsung Galaxy S III users ..''
  • TUAW.com ''I've been using Mujjo's M/L glove for a few days and couldn't be happier with them.''
  • YankoDesign.com ''Remy and his partners have been crafting some of the most beautiful cases and sleeves for iPhones and iPads.''
  • GigaOm.com ''I've tried a few touchscreen-compatible gloves, but the Mujjos are already my favorite.''
  • TechCrunch.com ''So there you have it: gloves that are good as gloves and iPhone interaction tools. A double whammy.''


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